Lake Livingston is the 2nd largest lake located within the borders of Texas. It is 39 miles long and at it’s widest point it is 7 miles. With 450 miles of shoreline, Lake Livingston is never crowded. It covers 93,000 acres and has been dubbed a “Water Wonderland”. There are many beautiful homes, and campgrounds surrounding the shore’s.

Within the Lake Livingston area, there are 4 different counties including, Polk, Walker, San Jacinto, Trinity.

Lake Livingston has hundreds of small communities located along it’s shores. Making them a perfect place to live or visit. So if it’s a weekend getaway, or retirement haven, that you are seeking, come and enjoy Lake Livingston.

The parks on Lake Livingston offer over 5,000 campsites and 100 boat launching ramps. Lake Livingston State Park, and Trinity River Authority Parks: Wolf Creek Park, and Tigerville Park (day use only) are excellent places for camping. You will find some excellent dining and camping facilities located around the lake in nearby communities.

Lake Livingston has a good climate to enjoy visiting the lake at anytime of year. During the summer it averages 92 degrees, winter averages 55 degrees, and spring and fall average 75 degrees.

The lake is kept at a constant level by the Trinity River Authority. The lake has an average depth of 23 feet. Near the dam is the deepest point of the lake at 90 feet.

If you travel to Lake Livingston during the spring, you will enjoy a very colorful view. Almost all of the roads coming into Lake Livingston display Texas Wild Flowers.